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Dennis and Deborah Conta Tenor Scholarship Fund

As one of the driving influencers behind the creation of Tenor High School in 2005, Dennis Conta has been a beacon, a collaborator, and most of all a great friend to the entire Tenor High School community. Continuing with his deep commitment to the advancement of equitable education opportunities to Milwaukee students, Dennis and Deborah Conta have created the Dennis and Deborah Conta Tenor Scholarship Fund. The fund, established in 2020, provides financial support for students continuing their education at MATC in pursuit of an Associate’s Degree. Students receiving these funds are selected based on financial need and academic merit. Funds may be used for any educational expenses. 

We are grateful for the visionary leadership the Contas continue to provide.

About Dennis and Deborah Conta

Dennis and Deborah ContaDennis Conta is president of Conta and Associates, a public policy-making firm. His work in the public sector includes eight years as a State Representative in the Wisconsin Legislature, representing the east side of Milwaukee as well as serving as a member of Governor Lucey and Governor Schrieber's cabinet, as Secretary of Revenue. Dennis and Marcia Spector Co-founded Tenor High School in 2005.

Deborah Gardner Conta maintained a consulting practice for 20 years in the field of sentencing advocacy.  She has also worked as a hospice administrator, therapist, editor and freelance writer, and independent bookstore owner.  Deborah is grateful she graduated from college, obtained a graduate degree and completed post-graduate therapy training without incurring any student debt; she is pleased the Conta Scholarship Fund may help reduce the debt that qualifying Tenor students incur in the pursuit of their own educational goals.   


Class of 2021 Awardees

Christina Abrego
Christina Abrego
Continuing at MATC to study for the Associate of Arts, Teacher Education Pre-major. After completing this degree, Christina plans to transfer to UWM to complete her education degree, with an emphasis in Special Education. Christina's vocation has been inspired by her positive experiences working with her Tenor Special Ed. teacher, Patty Hall. Christina earned 18 college credits and a GPA of 3.486 this year. She also worked at a job (full time, fall semester). Her year was complicated when her mom lost her job due to a lay-off because the business where she was employed closed due to COVID. The family was evicted and moved (at least) twice during the school year. Christina has been an awesome student!
Aneila Capetillo
Aneila Capetillo
Continuing to study at MATC for the Real Estate Associate of Arts degree. Aneila has done awesome work, beginning this program during her senior year. Aneila earned 17 college credits & a GPA of 3.618 including classes: Principles of Real Estate, Real Estate Law, and MS Office for Business Applications and gen ed classes including 4-year college level Speech, English 1 and Spanish 1A. Aneila found that the field of Real Estate is challenging and exciting. She can't wait to keep going. We chose Aneila's classes to allow her to transfer credits to a 4-year college after completing her Associate Degree at MATC. Aneila works at Bath & Body Works at Bayshore Mall and is taking manager’s training to continue working part time while going to college. 
I want to add funds to the Dennis and Deborah Conta Scholarship Fund and help a graduating Tenor student get an Associate’s Degree!
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