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Executive Director's Message

Executive Director's Message


Dear Friends, 

Since 1983, Seeds of Health has been dedicated to serving the comprehensive developmental needs of Milwaukee's women, children, and adolescents.  Our WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program continues to provide health and nutrition education to over 3,000 clients.  With a sustained commitment to growth and high expectations, Seeds of Health currently exists as the only K-12 charter school district in the state of Wisconsin serving approximately 1,300 students in four high schools and a K-8 elementary program.  Our five individual and unique education programs serve a broad range of student needs—from the at-risk to the college bound.  Our expectations are that our schools will all strive to be considered high-performing when compared to national norms.  As a result, three of our school programs, Seeds of Health Elementary, Tenor High School and Veritas High School, have met the criteria for high performing schools.

Focusing on the opportunities and challenges of the future, Seeds of Health will continue to be Milwaukee’s innovative “home grown” answer to imaginative, collaborative, and cutting-edge education options.  Our vision is to positively impact the growth and development of urban children.  We have acted on that vision through the successful implementation of quality programs that provide the best possible opportunities for children to thrive physically, emotionally, socially and educationally.  We will continue to fulfill our mission with the same dedication, determination and accountability that has made Seeds of Health a leader in creating educational environments that support diverse urban populations.

Marcia Spector, Executive Director