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Celebrating the New Innovation Lab at Tenor Journal Square

Outfitted with the latest technical equipment, the Innovation Lab provides opportunities for students to integrate critical thinking and collaboration with learning to prepare them for future jobs that, in some cases, do not exist yet.

While housed at Tenor Journal Square, our STEAM department is planning to utilize the Lab to enhance learning at all of our schools including our elementary school through field trips and collaborative lessons.  

At the event, STEM teachers, Joshua Borts and Fernando Muniz, along with Tenor students were the real hosts as they greeted, guided, and educated our guests on the procedures of use and real life applications of the CNC Milling Machine, Laser+Fume Extractor, Vinyl Cutter, and various 3D Printers. From coding to safety practices, students showed a command of the state-of-the-art equipment now part of their curriculum options. Guests left with gifts made from the machines that students helped them construct.