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Two Is Better Than One… Seeds of Health Schools Adds A Second Tenor High School This Year, Giving More Kids A Chance to Kickstart Their College Education

Two Is Better Than One… Seeds of Health Schools Adds A Second Tenor High School This Year, Giving More Kids A Chance to Kickstart Their College Education

While Still in High School!

Milwaukee, WI (August 26, 2020) – In a time when everything seems uncertain, there’s a school in Milwaukee that is sure of one thing: its students WILL get a chance to attend college. In fact, those students will take college classes while still in high school. The school that offers this fantastic opportunity is Tenor High School, a UWM chartered school run by Seeds of Health. This fall, Seeds of Health is pleased to announce that there are actually two Tenor High Schools – the flagship campus on Jackson Street, and a new Tenor High School located on 1st Street.


Seeds of Health is excited about the addition of a second Tenor High School as it gives more high school students the chance to get a head start on their futures, while still in high school. In this unique model, Tenor students attend MATC during their fourth year of high school, free of charge. The original Tenor High School on Jackson Street has produced numerous success stories, with 90% of its graduates going on to secondary education or certification programs after graduation.


The mission of Tenor is simple and groundbreaking – to prepare Milwaukee students for successful entry to post-secondary education and career opportunities through the dual completion of a high school diploma and a Milwaukee Area Technical College program certificate or technical diploma, and/or credits in a post-secondary degree program.


This is a model that opens the door for many opportunities and pathways to success for Tenor students. No doubt this is something everyone needs in these trying times of COVID–19. Tyson Tlachac is principal of Tenor on Jackson Street, and works closely with the 1st Street Tenor principal, Brenda Jeske Schmidt. Tlachac states, “We’re giving students an opportunity that they may not have had, to attend post-secondary schooling. The students come to me and say they never thought that they could be successful in college until they get there. They become successful with our help, during their senior year. We push them to achieve things they may not have thought they could achieve.” 


Encouraging students to achieve their dreams is what drives the educators at both Tenor schools and all Seeds of Health Schools. Tenor teachers work closely with guidance counselors Charmin McGlaston and Carol Pook to help students succeed in their high school classes and learn how to transition to higher level post-secondary courses at MATC. This support and the close relationships built with students creates an atmosphere where students believe in themselves and their abilities to shape their futures.

There are openings for students at the new Tenor High School located at 131 South 1st Street.  Interested families should contact Liliana Mendoza at 414-308-1230. 


About Seeds of Health, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Seeds of Health, Inc. is the only K4-12 charter school agency in the state of Wisconsin serving approximately 1,300 students in four high schools and a K4-8 elementary program. The five individual and unique education programs serve a broad range of student needs – from at-risk to the college bound. Seeds of Health is Milwaukee’s innovative “home grown” answer to imaginative, collaborative and cutting-edge education options, with the vision to positively impact the growth and development of urban children. For more information, please visit