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Seeds of Health high schools 2020 graduates: What are they up to next?

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Seeds of Health high schools 2020 graduates: What are they up to next?

MILWAUKEE (June 26, 2020) High school seniors at Milwaukee’s Seeds of Health (SOH) schools graduated virtually earlier in June, just like students across the country. But unlike typical high schools, SOH’s four unique high school programs – Tenor, Veritas, MC2, and Grandview – serve students of various needs and interests, from at-risk to the college bound, preparing them for an array of future paths. Therefore, it is no surprise to see that this year’s graduating seniors have learned to excel and define their success in multiple ways.

NahariThe Tenor High School program allows students to complete high school coursework during their first three years and take college courses at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) during their senior year, earning dual certification. At Tenor High School Jackson Street Campus, class of 2020 graduates accepted multiple scholarships and grants to attend universities in the fall, totaling well over $200,000 per year with many of the scholarships available for renewal each year. Additionally, several students were offered generous scholarships at more than one school and had to turn down offers. One student was awarded and accepted funding of over $50,000 per year to attend Marquette University. Other students plan to attend Alverno College, Cardinal Stritch University, Mount Mary University, MATC, North Central University, and UW-Milwaukee, among others.

Nahari Duncan is one of this year’s graduates of Tenor High School. Duncan aspires to become a dentist and “learned to study health sciences like a college student [while taking classes at MATC this year]," said school counselor Carol Pook. “It was not easy,” said Pook, “but she buckled down and refused to become discouraged. Nahari had some ups and downs during her three years at Tenor; she found her power and herself as a senior at MATC.” Duncan will continue taking courses at MATC to earn her Dental Hygiene associate degree. She then plans to work in the dental field while taking courses needed to complete her bachelor’s degree and satisfy any pre-dental program requirements needed to apply for dental schools.

JoseAnother Tenor graduate, Jose Rodriguez-Curiel, truly learned how college works while attending MATC as a senior in high school. Pook explained that he was the first student to arrive at one FAFSA workshop with his mother...and stayed for the whole evening to help and encourage his peers to complete the financial aid application. Jose showed determination by going to the MATC tutoring center when his Math class became challenging and he couldn't understand his instructor. Undaunted, when the section of the College Algebra course he needed for the Spring semester was taught by the same instructor, Jose knew exactly what to do to succeed and he ended up earning a B+. “Jose simply did everything he should have as a senior,” said Pook. Rodriguez-Curiel will attend Cardinal Stritch in the fall. “I expect him to follow in the footsteps of a number of previous Tenor students who have gone to this college and completed their degrees 4 years later,” said Pook.

JazminA third Tenor graduate, Jazmin Ramirez-Vieyra has done well in math & technology classes at Tenor and really dominated her math & accounting classes at MATC. “I was concerned when Jazmin wanted to take MATH-230, College Algebra w/Trigonometry and Accounting 1 in the same semester,” explained Pook, “as both are very time consuming.” Ramirez-Vieyra ended up excelling, earning 22 credits and a 4.0 GPA at MATC – and having fun too! By passing Spanish 4 with an ‘A’, she was granted the credits for Spanish 1, 2 & 3 as well, which amounts to an additional 11 credits. Ramirez-Vieyra excelled outside of academia as well. “Jazmin was a quiet student at Tenor,” said Pook, “and I didn't see how much ‘grit’ she had until I saw her playing soccer on the Tenor/Veritas team. She is a many-faceted student!” Ramirez-Vieyra accepted scholarships at Alverno College and will be attending this fall.

MC2 High School (which will become Tenor High School 1st Street Campus beginning this coming fall) produced 22 graduates this year. Half will be attending MATC in the fall, a few will attend UW-Milwaukee and a few others plan to attend private universities. Yet a few others will join the workforce in areas of retail and food service, equipped with the skills to thrive at jobs secured at a pet store and Jackson Blue Ribbon bar & grill, among others. Students have received $183,000 in grants and scholarships, from Marquette University, Lakeland University, Northland University, and one student’s Native American tribe.

AngelaMC2 Associate Principal Stephanie Steinbach shared one success story of student Angela Sosa saying, “During the school year she rose to the challenge of her senior year, determined to make the most of it.” Steinbach explained that Sosa excelled in her MATC Pre-Calculus class first hour, entered and completed a 6-week MATC CNA certificate program, completed her community service hours volunteering at a hospital (and during COVID!), and earned Salutatorian status at graduation.  Steinbach continued, “She did an amazing job rounding out her high school career.”  Sosa plans to attend MATC next fall for nursing. “I believe she is a first-generation high school graduate and first-generation college bound. She found her voice during her high school years,” said Steinbach.

At Veritas High School, principal George Thimmesch described this year’s scholarship recipients as “outstanding students as well as generally good people who served others and worked hard all 4 years.” This year’s graduating class of 49 at Veritas have been offered $3,591,904 in college scholarships. Due to the colleges they have chosen to attend, they will receive $962,300 in scholarships. 14 of those students were offered over $50,000 in scholarships individually. Students accepted scholarships from Mount Mary University, Carroll University, Coe College, Alverno College, and University of Notre Dame. In addition to the schools previously mentioned, students have accepted admission offers at MATC (nearly half of the graduating class will attend MATC in the fall), UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Oshkosh.

CamronGrandview High School graduates have taken varied post-graduation paths. One Grandview graduate, Camron Phongsavath, enlisted in the Army on August 14, 2019.  Phongsavath shipped out to boot camp in Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri earlier this June. He is looking forward to traveling, having new experiences, and doing something "different" while in the Army.

From those starting college in the fall, to students entering the workforce, to the military bound, Seeds of Health graduates are prepared for a wide variety of future paths. For enrollment information, call 414-672-3430 or visit the website.

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