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Teachers' Seed Fund

Teacher working with students
Donate now to the Teachers' Seed Fund
Teachers are role models, motivators, and highly knowledgeable experts. They’re passionate, tireless, determined, and caring. Teachers make a lifelong impact on their students. And too often, they’re the unsung heroes.

Please honor Seeds of Health's teachers who help students reach for their goals and transcend life’s challenges. Teachers are certainly heroes to our students.

To recognize the outstanding effort our educators put forth each and every day, we have established the Teachers’ Seed Fund. Through this discretionary awards program, teachers can apply for additional dollars to implement some of their most innovative and collaborative ideas and make an even greater impact on children and youth.

Teachers will be encouraged to submit applications for creative, high impact ideas to a panel responsible for stewarding investments in the Teachers’ Seed Fund. They can apply for materials, supplies, transportation—whatever they need to bring their special project to life. If fundraising is successful, 13 awards will be made from the Teachers’ Seed Fund:
One $3,000 Collaborative Educators Award 
Six $1,000 Individual Educator Awards
Six $500 Individual Educator Awards

Will you make a contribution to the Teachers’ Seed Fund? Your gift will honor our teachers and uplift our students in the process.

You may contribute to this effort by:

Teachers' Seed Fund Donors

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Teachers' Seed Fund Ambassadors

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