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Administrative Staff

Executive Director

Marcia Spector
Phone: (414) 390-0841
Email Marcia

Assistant Executive Director

Jodi Weber
Phone: (414) 390-0830
Email Jodi

Executive Assistant

Sandy Abraham
Phone: (414) 390-0825
Email Sandy

Director of Human Resources

Julia Unger
Phone: (414) 385-5619
Email Julia

Chief Financial Officer

Sherry Reisenauer
Phone: (414) 672-3364
Email Sherry

Coordinator of Computer Science and Technology

Kaitlyn Wright
Phone: (414) 385-5620
Email Kaitlyn

RTI/Literacy Coordinator

Tom Doyle
Phone: (414) 385-5618
Email Tom

Director of Special Education

Elizabeth Simpson
Phone: (414) 385-5633
Email Elizabeth

Director of Development

Karen Hunt
Phone: (414) 308-1238
Email Karen

Director of Leadership and Program Development

Sherry Tolkan
Phone: (414) 389-5560
Email Sherry

Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator

Veronica Ramirez
Phone: (414) 380-9179
Email Veronica

WIC Program Director

Ann White
Phone: (414) 385-5607
Email Ann

Principal of Seeds of Health Elementary

Jim Kotsonis
Phone: (414) 385-5662
Email Jim

Principal of Seeds of Health Elementary

Theresa Yurk
Phone: (414) 385-5613
Email Theresa

Principal of Grandview High School

Debi Harry
Phone: (414) 672-3998
Email Debi

Principal of MC2 High School

Colleen Stuckart
Phone: (414) 308-1236
Email Colleen

Principal of Tenor High School

Tyson Tlachac
Phone: (414) 390-0835
Email Tyson

Principal of Veritas High School

George Thimmesch
Phone: (414) 389-5570
Email George